Welcome to Geek & Dummy, the home of tech insights for normal people like you. And if you’re one of those types who wants to dig a little deeper, we’ve got you covered too.

Technology is complicated. And mind-blowing. But it’s supposed to make our lives easier, right? We’re here to offer straight-talking, no-nonsense views without all the technobabble or marketing flimflam. Information that will (we hope!) ultimately help you to make decisions about the technology you purchase. We tell it like it is: will this or that thingamabob lead you to the heights of Nirvanah or leave you reaching for pain relief?

But once you’ve bought widget #627, you might find yourself wondering, can it do more? Can I eke out a little more performance? Or more features? Here at Geek & Dummy, we cover that too. How?

dummy_style1_optDummy: he’s your everyman. Your friendly drinking buddy. The one who knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like and the one with solid reasons to back up these views. He doesn’t care if widget #627 can single-handedly decode your DNA. He wants to know: does it work? Is it pretty? Will it last? Do you need a Ph.D. to use it?

geek_style1_optAnd then there’s Geek. He’s not like the other boys. He’s spent just a little bit too long in darkened rooms, staring at illuminated screens. From his boyhood, he’s pulled apart all his toys and put them back together again. And sometimes, he’s made them better. Geek loves to automate stuff. He’ll spend 10 hours programming, to avoid doing a five minute repetitive task. Yeah, one of those.

Between us, we’d like to think we’ve got the major I.T. bases covered. It’s not true, but we’d like to think it. You want honest, independent news and reviews? We got it. You want detailed instructions on how to push the limits without increasing your spend? We’ve got that too. You want pictures of cats doing funny stuff? Sorry, no can do. But as soon as someone brings out funny-cat-widget #98, you can be sure we’ll be on the case.

So that’s us. Honest news, reviews and how-tos. From a geek. And a dummy.

PS We’re fiercely independent. And we don’t take backhanders. Feel free to send us stuff to review, but don’t expect any special favours. Unless you work for Ferrari. In that case, all our internetz is yourz.


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